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 IT Shut Down?

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PostSubject: IT Shut Down?   Wed 15 Oct - 13:47

Hi Im here to ask the server. Is this server about to shut down? Almost no one is on the server. No admins on the server. No one on the forums. No admins on the forums. If you ask me why i said 'shut down', i think u need the time to reflect on yourself. Count how many days i have been waiting for one single reply on this forum and server. Count how many times i logged in the server waiting. Until i had to call admins from LK team CoD server just to get one single soul from this server to help me. I just need the ban list to be cleared. All the bans. Range ban, ip ban and nick ban. I have severe problems helping your server. I can login to your server some day but find myself banned in other days. This is my last offer. Pls.
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IT Shut Down?
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